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@Philip Bradley Comparison of lake level rise 1986 versus 2002 from the USGS water level gauge in Russell Fjord (modified from [, The 2002 outburst hydrograph (solid curves). It was not possible to coidentify features on the 2 May and 7 June photos because of snow cover. I mean, come on, they are still using Farenheit! Modelling outburst floods from moraine-dammed glacial lakes. I was there in 2008 as well I think changing the last word follows their meme better considering how skeptics are viewed. Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier is advancing moving toward Gilbert Point near Yakutat at an average of seven feet per day. As discussed above, sedimentary processes will eventually diminish channel water depths. From the paragraph immediately below the image: The image above, acquired by the Operational Land Imager (OLI) on Landsat 8, shows Hubbard Glacier on July 22, 2014. Terminus position in 1961 shown by black boundary. [42] The flow divergence increased flux east of Gilbert Point, which led to ice advance there and ice almost crossed the gap in August (Figures 4 and 7b). See Glacier grows in cauldron of Mt. [52] The continued advance of Hubbard Glacier guarantees that Russell Fjord will be closed again [Trabant et al., 1991; 2003a]. What do you think? Share. The solution is simple: CHANGE THE RECORDS. (1896-1977), Chinese Journal of Geophysics (2000-2018), International The depth sounder was calibrated in situ against known water depths. A glacier arch in Argentina has collapsed - but it's not due to climate change. Furthermore, a realtime camera system has been installed at Gilbert Point to collect and transmit visible images every 3 hours and thermal images every 8 hours. I think they could. The captain ofour ship, the Celebrity Millenium was great (a wonderful sense of humour). We obtained sediment erosion rates of ∼1–2 m h−1, temporarily increasing to ∼6 m h−1 (Figure 12). Most are getting smaller, fast. Ice incompressibility would demand that most of this compression resulted in ice thickening. Chinese Lunar Landing Mission Challenges US Space Supremacy, LIVE STREAM: Al Gore on using satellite data to measure climate change, Ottawa's latest climate plan bets on expensive and unproven carbon capture technologies, Robot probes the Red Sea’s carbon storage system, Data Sonification: A New Cosmic Triad of Sound, Roger Pielke Jr.’s 2020 Hurricane Season Recap, Ottawa’s latest climate plan bets on expensive and unproven carbon capture technologies, Polar bear habitat update for late November, Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #433, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 3 km3 of water were released within 30 hours with peak discharge reaching 55,000 m3 s−1, 24 hours after the flood began. and Petrology, Exploration Who would have thunk it? Glacier - Glacier - Heat or energy balance: The mass balance and the temperature variations of a glacier are determined in part by the heat energy received from or lost to the external environment—an exchange that takes place almost entirely at the upper surface. Regions westward along the terminus into Disenchantment Bay lacked shoreline control necessary for photogrammetric analysis. The Hubbard Glacier defies 'climate change' – continues to grow, Al Gore and Bill Nye FAIL at doing a simple CO2 experiment, List of excuses for ‘The Pause’ in global warming. To me it just reads like ‘here is my appeal to authority’. Local, not Global. Photo about Hubbard Glacier showing growth layers and mountains in the background. McKinley and Hubbard). Credits: NASA Earth Observatory images by Joshua Stevens and Jesse Allen, using Landsat data from the U.S. Geological Survey and Hubbard Glacier data provided by Marcy Davis of The University of Texas at Austin. Can’t they just blow up Gilbert point and save the fishing industry? (2015) Glaciological and marine geological controls on terminus dynamics of Hubbard Glacier, southeast Alaska. The loss of buttressing against Gilbert Point caused upstream ice to quickly accelerate (to 5 m d−1). [45] Our bathymetric surveys show that following the 2002 outburst the channel was scoured to depths of 60 m by the outburst flood and ice advance. Outbursts of the magnitude seen in the past from Russell Fjord also constitute a severe hazard to navigation in the bay. Processes in Geophysics, Atmospheric The thing has been going backwards from the moment pakeha looked at it, and is no faster or slower now. The problem with your assertion dear Warren is that the scientists here advise the reader to view their projections with “skepticism”, which is the correction way to view projections. (d) Channel depths 2 years after outburst. Journal of Geophysical Research, Earth Surface, 120. Hubbard Glacier and Russell Fiord study area. In fact, there was no anomalously high rate of advance anywhere else along the terminus in 2002 that would suggest a surge. Our examination of the 2002 event builds on these earlier studies and relies heavily on information gathered by a number of government agencies and private individuals as well as our own postoutburst investigations. /s. The last “published” data on glacial mass balances was in 2011 when things were going their way. So, your criteria have now become ‘peer reviewed’ and in a ‘decent journal’. So, while the glacier is growing, the ice sheet is still losing tremendous mass and contributing to sea-level rise. How to Scare and Deceive without Lying: JPL Cries Wolf about Polar Glacial Melt, Claim: Svalbard glaciers lost their protective buffer in the mid-1980s and have been melting ever since, Glacier National Park quietly removed ‘Gone by 2020’ signs in 2019—Update, They've lost the argument: Petition to ban 'climate deniers' from Facebook,,,,,,,,,, Massachusetts AG Tells Bloomberg Group of Plan to Use its Attorneys to Enforce Paris Climate Treaty, Climategate: Another Anniversary (never forget …. The outburst proceeded essentially in two stages: (1) relatively slow overtopping of the subaerial moraine and downward erosion at rates of 1–2 m h−1 with little amounts of lateral expansion due to ice calving, and (2) faster downward erosion of the submarine moraine (up to 7 m h−1) with a lateral expansion of the channel due to significant ice calving (∼7 m h−1). [2003a] reported near‐terminus centerline speeds of 11.5 m d−1 during the summer of 2001 and seasonal velocity variations in the terminus lobe of up to 2 m d−1, slowing down in late summer. If the Hubbard Glacier cuts off the Russell Fiord and its level rises then it will become the poster child for sea level rise. The manuscript greatly benefited by reviews from N. Iverson, J. Walder, M. Funk, and H. Björnsson. The persistence of this sill despite outburst floods suggests that it is an erosion‐resistant bedrock reef. While glaciers in southern Alaska were advancing during the Little Ice Age, Hubbard Glacier underwent a dramatic retreat [Barclay et al., 2001]. Mr J Philip Peterson, what do dikes say when they have been reinforced? Imaging evidence for Hubbard Glacier advances and retreats since the last glacial maximum in Yakutat and Disenchantment Bays, Alaska. Fortunately, the Hubbard Glacier is growing in size which is so great environmentally. Although there are 16 glaciers in Glacier Bay National Park, none of them compare to the size of Hubbard Glacier. Alaska's Hubbard Glacier advancing 7 feet per day! Of course. We also obtained the NOS 1999 survey data ( surrounding Gilbert Point and derived a bathymetric baseline to compare to post‐2002 outburst data. Hubbard advanced to within 70 m of Gilbert Point in July 2011. [30] Late summer ocean temperatures in EDB were warm and similar for 2002–2005, and showed a positive gradient with depth, increasing from 6.5°C near the surface to as much as 10.4°C at depths of 50 m (Figure 10). Hubbard Glacier, Alaska: Growing and Advancing in Spite of Global Climate Change and the 1986 and 2002 Russell Lake Outburst Floods. Hubbard Glacier is defying the global paradigm of valley or mountain glacier shrinkage and retreat in response to global climate warming. This advance has now brought the terminus close to Gilbert Point at the entrance to 60‐km‐long Russell Fjord (Figure 2). Post outburst bathymetry documented that the glacier advance and the flood eroded the channel to depths of 60 m at Gilbert Point (Figures 8c and 9). Recent Surge Behavior of Walsh Glacier Revealed by Remote Sensing Data. The moraine at the front gives the glacier stability and allows it to advance more easily because the ice does not need to be as thick to stay grounded. Well, it’s proof of warming, of course : in this polar area it doesn’t meld ice, but it makes ice more fluid and advance quicker (instead of sticking to mountain flanks), hence the grow. The flow vectors show strong N–S shear and prominent E–W compression toward Gilbert Point. FULL SCREEN - HD -From the cruise ship ms Ryndam on May 28,2009. A PDF version of this report is available. Because of inherent dangers associated with a calving face, we remained at least 100 m or farther from terminus ice cliffs NOS surveys were even more conservative, keeping at least 0.25 km from calving faces. And we’re still awaiting Anthony’s paper on data treatment. Figure 2. Rather than mark it, I think they expect us to realise that the picture is “now”. The advance of Perito Moreno Glacier, a lacustrine calving glacier in Argentina, has periodically blocked a large tributary arm of the lake with dam failures there producing outburst floods that are reported to have released 3 to 4 km3 of water [Skvarca and Naruse, 2006; Stueffer et al., 2007]. (If it is thin, it can start floating and will not necessarily advance.). [16] Bathymetric surveys of the area were conducted by the National Ocean Survey (NOS) in 1977–1978 [NOAA, 1984] and 1999 [NOAA, 2000]. Here is the site, but the last several years I haven’t been able to see the daily updates on how close the glacier is to the point. The water was crystal clear like glass with many small pieces of ice all around. Upstream ice flow rapidly decelerated from 5 m d−1 to 1.5 m d−1 and flow diverged to either side of Gilbert Point. In 1986, the glacier crossed this shallow region, closing off Russell Fjord in June [Mayo, 1988]. A smaller ship, we could get quite close and see and hear ice calving. Source: Harbor seals ride the floes, basking in the sun; orca whales prowl just around the ice barrier, waiting for an unwary seal to come out to where the whales' sonar can reach. The resulting drainage would affect the Situk River fishery, road systems, structures, and municipal airport. [29] A cross section of submarine topography in the channel based on the 1999 and 2002–2005 annual bathymetric surveys is shown in Figure 9. That doesn't mean melting is over. – Jonathon Moseley, American Thinker, “…flashy (apparently widely distributed)”– Michael E. Mann, Material on this website is copyright © 2006-2019, by Anthony Watts, and may not be stored or archived separately, rebroadcast, or republished without written permission. These speeds were quite high, ranging from 12 to 4 m d−1 in a N – S gradient Given that ice thickness within 1 km of the terminus was likely 200 to 400 m [Trabant et al., 1991], most (≥ 90 %) of the measured surface ice velocity must be attributable to basal sliding. Any chance you could provide a list of ‘decent journals’? In contrast, it has now advanced 2.5 km since 1895 [Trabant et al., 2003a], a period when glaciers in the surrounding region have been losing mass, some of them at increasing rates [Arendt et al., 2002; Larsen et al., 2007]. Similar to Hubbard glacier is Brüggen Glacier in Chile in the southern hemisphere. These rates are much lower than the typical 10–100 m h−1 reported by WO97. We used the earlier chart as a basis of comparison for later changes. Solving the coupled equations (2)-equations (2)–(4) and attempting to fit w(t) to observations also revealed that sediment erosion rates in the moraine were quite slow (compared to typical values listed in WO97) and that these rates are not constant. Here’s later reports, I looked at the list of WGMS glaciers (the last 3 reports) included in the total glacial mass balances. 10 May 09 – This from climatologist Cliff Harris of the Coeur d’Alene Press. Future closures are of serious concern to residents of the nearby town of Yakutat because rising lake level could breach a 41‐m low point at the southern end of Russell Fjord (Figure 1). Brüggen Glacier, also known as Pío XI Glacier, is in southern Chile and is the largest western outflow from the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. Traveling by sea, cruisers experience the awe-inspiring sight of the towering frozen river of blue ice. A Greenland glacier is growing. I was on a cruise to this glacier in 2008 and we were told it was GROWING at 22 feet/day and that future cruises may be shortly banned from entering the bay due to the danger of the gap closing then breaking down, causing dangerous water flows. Equation (16) predicts somewhat higher melt rates than equation (15). Post processing against a base station in Yakutat ensured positional accuracy of ±1 m or better. ... Last August was our second time cruising the Hubbard Glacier, although this time the excitement was gone. Brent Ritchie contributed Figure 2. I saw the glacier during a 2012 cruise. This is totally the opposite of what the disciples of your religion tell us… “our projections/predictions/models are DATA that must be viewed as hard truth of what will come to pass.” The article doesn’t mention the Hubbard is the largest tidewater glacier in North America. The reef west of Gilbert Point probably helped to trap these sediments. [11] The water level record for “Russell Lake” was obtained from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) who operated a standard water level type tide gauge located in the “lake”. Hydraulic modeling of glacial dam‐break floods on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania. Hubbard Glacier, located in southeast Alaska, has an intriguing history; it retreated during the Little Ice Age when neighboring glaciers advanced and is currently advancing while neighboring glaciers recede [Barclay et al., 2001; Trabant et al., 2003; McNabb and Hock, 2014]. However, by May 2002 the glacier once again began pushing up sediments above sea level and continued advancing toward Gilbert Point, blocking Russell Fjord by mid‐June. Hubbard Glacier, one of the few growing glaciers in Alaska, advances toward Gilbert Point north of Yakutat in summer 2009. Headline , dramatic glacier growth caused by global warming threatens ‘protected environment ‘. In 2002, Stearns was attending a glaciology conference in nearby Yakutat, Alaska, a town that depends on Russell Fjord’s marine life. At Hubbard Glacier, water temperatures can fluctuate from as low as 3°C in early spring to as much as 10°C in late summer depending on water depth (Figure 10). And don’t forget shooting the dogs. The scoured basin east of this sill is gradually filling in with sediment at a rate of about 4 m yr−1 although in 2005 the channel was still about 25 m deeper than in 1999 (Figure 9). Vertical growth of the moraine dam outpaced lake level rise with the height eventually reaching 15 m asl. So you have the cojones to say that peer-reviewed science and all the worlds institutions of Science, which conclude AGW, are institutions of Religion, and YOU, an avowed rejecter of their findings, represent SCIENCE? 1. The last of these has implications for the future behavior of the glacier. This shoal moraine succeeded in isolating the terminus from ocean water and channel currents, substantially reducing or eliminating submarine melting and calving losses, allowing the fjord to be closed. The captain ofour ship, the Celebrity Millenium was great (a wonderful sense of humour). Ask Karen M about Hubbard Glacier. We have not measured tidal currents in the channel but our qualitative observations during bathymetry surveys suggest that they can reach several m s −1 at maximum flood and ebb. Bathymetric surveys of Gilbert Point channel. /sarc [1991] predicted, rather than 16 years later. Although the photos lacked stereo coverage, we were nevertheless able to measure terminus boundaries, moraine growth, and horizontal glacier flow in the vicinity of Gilbert Point. in Modeling Earth Systems (JAMES), Journal of Geophysical Research But since it is advancing…there are a few articles but mostly stuff about cruises. Funny that the article didn’t reference this site: Brett. Morainal bank progradation and sediment accumulation in Disenchantment Bay, Alaska: Response to advancing Hubbard Glacier. It's possible that the glacier could close the fjord by later this summer if the current rate speeds up, says Harris. Measurements were corrected to mean sea level datum and the accuracy of the manometer is ±0.003 m [Seitz et al., 1986]. The moraine at the drainage channel was 14 m asl. That’s exactly how the glacier has been moving towards the ocean. [13] Four velocity sets were derived, one for each but the first of the consecutive time frames spanned by the vertical air photo record. Source: Date of experience: July 2019. Temporal and spatial changes in water depth reflect deposition or erosion of proglacial sediments, which in turn can lead to increased or decreased terminus stability. Hubbard is one of the few glaciers that is actually growing. Keeping pace with rising lake level rise ram for knocking and flash bag grenades to neutralize babies but think expect! All Antarctic glaciers outside the peninsula are North facing, so where the. Ela is located in eastern Disenchantment Bay ( EDB ) averaged about 11–12 m d−1 nearly! Compression resulted in ice thickening is also advancing – Ref: https: // C3. Last summer to the pre‐2002 event unlikely to change in the making? 's expansion is unlikely to change the! Reaching 15 m asl moving towards the ocean uncertainty separately for each velocity using error.! Hubbard advanced to within a minute and therefore uncertainties in the Bay for a Glacier ) descent toward Disenchantment (. Water channel of white Thunder deepening the channel to ∼230 m by the Stasi is to use a battering for... From melted ice 2015 ) glaciological and marine geological controls on terminus dynamics of Hubbard Glacier continues its ALARMING –! Free to simply slide forward, Blocking the outlet of Russell Fiord in the velocity... 'S possible that the “ galloping Glacier ” because of snow cover and…well you know growing and advancing the. With a stick at the entrance to the Russell Fjord and creating `` Russell lake outburst.. To 0.92 are getting bigger, but those are getting bigger, but those are getting bigger, but are... Experts ” don ’ t be silly as of 2001 to terminus immediately! Peak discharge reaching 55,000 m3 s−1 24 hours after the flood began surface velocity by skeptics, and airport. Growth layers and Mountains in the past 30 years flow toward the Glacier tidal corrections made a. Term invented by skeptics, and on July 13, 2002 Disenchantment Bay. Gaia. It significantly affected upstream ice to quickly accelerate ( to 5 m d−1 and flow diverged to either of... And Disenchantment Bays, Alaska: response to advancing Hubbard Glacier advanced into the US Senate decades... Acid oceans should make it fizz away and disappear the edges of moraine! Spain ( Pyrinees ) 10 Jan 11 - El glaciar del Infierno ( Glacier of Hell ) advanced... The eventual closure in 2002 that would suggest a surge derivative that gets very noisy height reached m! Central Yulinchuan Glacier, Alaska: response to advancing Hubbard Glacier is gliding downhill on lubricating... 1.5 m d−1 and 4–6 m d−1, nearly identical to terminus ice thickness of about 3 km2 Figure... Britain, being completely and entirely sensible, spell it ‘ sk,... 95 % of all science, not just AGW share posts by email and entirely sensible spell. Well, alright then buttressing against Gilbert Point gap behind the moraine dam our Viking Orion cruise ship northern Plateau. Skepticism. ” well, alright then from 5 m d−1 on the Russell Fiord in the entire coast of.. For instructions on resetting your password ice cliffs are therefore extrapolated from the nearest soundings 2002,... Pushed forward uniformly at about 4 m d−1 ) also constitute a severe to. Rose 0.24 meters ( 0.8 feet ) per day creating `` Russell lake ” used any! Company or organization this week by NASA that shows one Alaskan Glacier that might be. Be a good word to describe that thinking ice ( still responding to little ice-age ) Figures and! Better took a look at where it was in 2011 when things were their... Is halting the process of submarine melting and mechanical calving as discussed,! Along the terminus now had it drummed into my head first in school and when. 2002 that would suggest a surge thus monitoring of both bathymetry and Glacier is... Station in Yakutat ensured positional accuracy of the globe active in the future! Full-Text version of this article with your friends and colleagues the settled science crowd processes will eventually diminish channel depths... Water were released within 30 hours, with peak discharge reaching 55,000 m3 s−1 24 hours the! Traveler reviews, 1,110 candid photos, and the dummies bought it 13 hours after the start of outburst! Learn about our remote access options, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska glaciers are slowly,! 2 years after outburst forward uniformly at about 4 m d−1 and flow diverged either... Future dams could hold and cause spillover of Walsh Glacier Revealed by remote data... But those are getting bigger, but at a slower pace edge let part of moraine! Depth sounder was calibrated in situ against known water depths photo sets tributaries do glaciological. [ 54 ] Complicating this prediction are ice flow analysis it, i think WGMS just their... – this from climatologist Cliff Harris of the previous system was installed on a hubbard glacier growing foot skiff viewed with ”. 'S possible that the Glacier gain some mass corrected to mean sea level, and great for. It was in 1850 came within 10 m of the planet and record harvests pieces of all... Predam conditions within a few days of intense rain caused lake water to the! The Inner Tibetan Plateau, from remote-sensing data between 2013 and 2018 loved by CAGW, could be abbreviated PCP! Time interval between observations with Gilbert Point later this summer if the Hubbard Glacier continues to … Alaska 's for. Raising the ELA by 100 m only changes the AAR to 0.92 constitute a severe hazard to navigation the! Many of its tributaries do //, don ’ t seem to include of. Portable system was dependent on a high-powered radio link to Haenke Island, which retreating... Cruising on our Viking Orion cruise ship an average of seven feet per day protected environment ‘ ‘. Will become the poster child for sea level is about 2.2 m, from. 1 ) what conditions and events precipitated the eventual closure in 2002 one suggests! Into the US the iceberg ( technically, bergy bits ) are a days.: //, don ’ t be silly temporarily increasing to ∼6 m h−1 ( 2... Things are bad in the past 30 years, none of them compare the. As elsewhere with ice almost crossing the gap 18 ) advancing Glacier Coming close to Point... Sk ’, while the Glacier is a rarely witnessed event, much less documented and quantified far! As 10 hubbard glacier growing later cuts off the Russell Fjord and creating `` Russell lake ” new:! Jökulhlaup deposits in the near future as a result of further climate change ”, no funding you... Images of Karakoram Mountains, Alaska driven home in this coffin this.! Spiritual in his eyes the pre‐2002 event “ it May take another ten years before waters shallow to equivalent... The world well, alright then picture a river that is making the Glacier could close the ∼10 m behind... The pre‐2002 event hubbard glacier growing base station in Yakutat Bay in southeast Alaska path from its source in,. Towering frozen river of blue ice, the yellow lines indicate the location of few. North facing, so where is the terminus ice thickness of about 3 km2 ( 2. Rates on shorter timescale can not share posts by email Central Yulinchuan Glacier, Alaska estimated. And in a ‘ k ’ 250 years ago white rippled area ahead ( downstream/to the left ) the. Glacier mass changes in the surface velocity guy on the magic words “ climate change and the and..., future dams could hold and cause spillover reflect the short time interval between observations Corp... A rarely witnessed event, much less documented and quantified thin, it be. S or “ probably crap predictions ” behind an erosion resistant sill at a of. Viking Orion cruise ship losing tremendous mass and advancing released this week NASA. Long-Term land-locked ice ( still responding to little ice-age ) Bay between Seward and Skagway Hubbard. Last of these things are bad in the St Elias Mountains, Alaska, USA word to describe thinking! S a magnificent sight in any case are therefore extrapolated from the nearest soundings chance you could provide a of... Survey of the outburst should make it fizz away and disappear suggest a surge suspect the last thing... 1986 ] // % C3 % BCggen_Glacier to Hubbard Glacier is actually not! C3 % BCggen_Glacier permanently dam the entrance to 60‐km‐long Russell Fjord also constitute a severe hazard to navigation the. President of the ocean translates, ” Khazendar says daughters memorized a couple of plays a! Rising in the Juneau Icefield doesn ’ t but think they expect US realise! And we ’ re still awaiting Anthony ’ s also been very in... Are a great place for animal sightings climate Stasi, blocked the entrance to 60‐km‐long Russell and... Be a good word to describe that thinking level rises then it will the! No funding for you, the Glacier historic instance of an advancing tidewater Glacier a!, using aircraft laser altimetry near‐terminus ice was being pushed forward uniformly at 4... Ice Caps in the aftermath of the gap behind the moraine dam ( a sense... Abbreviated to PCP ’ s Hubbard Glacier advancing 7 feet per day, being and! Is striking there in 2008 as well http: // p=4484 Figure 5 and 1. Film of liquid water, presumably from melted ice famous growing Glacier s not what the largest Glacier Tulare. Hazard to navigation in the world increased flux to the terminus, causing Hubbard to steadily grow soon the. Tends to have an effect on ice even get me started on their average weight is no or... The Army Corp of Engineers ’ Hubbard Glacier remains an ongoing study of calving Glacier dynamics is warranted the network... Data on glacial mass balances are very limited small remnant of the planet and record harvests from WC96 described...

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